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Manage to Engage

May 25, 2020

How many times have you heard someone say, “curiosity kills the cat?”

That is the way our society depicts curiosity — it’s a risk. So, even though we’re born innately curious, society quickly teaches us to stop. As a result, we tend to overcorrect and we transition from curious beings to fearful beings.

That’s how most adults operate — chances are that’s how you, reading this right now, operate. But the simple fact that you’re listening to this show means that your conditioning hasn’t completely covered up your curiosity, so that’s a great first step towards living life with real curiosity. And you’ll learn more about how you can start doing that in this episode.

By the way, this series is taken from the final session of the CLEAR Thinking course, an epilogue that explores the importance of real curiosity and its role in how we think. If you want to take this extra time at home as an opportunity to start living more intentionally, you can find the full 11-week coaching seminar at

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