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Manage to Engage

Apr 20, 2020

We’re going to start this three-part series with something that’s probably become pretty familiar to long-time listeners: a quick rebuke of the Western educational system.

We’re going to look at how one of the beliefs and assumptions at the core of our education system not only doesn’t help us but actually sets us all up for lives full of overwhelm. Pretty much every single one of us experienced this same conditioning as a child, but it’s not doing us any favors now that we’re adults who don’t have to regurgitate information to pass tests.

This series shares the final session of the CLEAR Thinking course, which focuses on the role of Consciousness and Conditioning in CLEAR Thinking. If you want to take this extra time at home as an opportunity to stop floating through life and start living intentionally, you can find the full 11-week coaching seminar at

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