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Manage to Engage

Feb 10, 2020

This series on How Everything is True builds on a lot of what we discussed in the previous four episodes on How You’ve Been Conditioned to Think Unclearly. So if you haven’t listened through that or need to refresh yourself on what Transjectrivism is, you might want to go back and listen through those because we will be looking at truth through a transjectivist lens throughout this series. These series are both parts of the CLEAR Thinking course, which is now available online at clear and 

CLEAR Thinking, by the way, is reflective and independent thinking. It teaches you to use your ability to reason and it makes you an active learner rather than a passive recipient of information.

And when you learn and practice CLEAR thinking, you can better control the thinking that is controlling you. That’s why this episode begins with everyone’s favorite libertarian making an argument in favor of the minimum wage — because changing the way you think about and perceive truth requires practice.

And if you’re looking for extra credit, we also mention the Managing with Inquiry course in this episode, which is also available online. And I shared Managing with Inquiry 101 as a podcast series in October 2019, which will introduce you to the basic concept and the practice of not knowing.

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