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Manage to Engage

Jul 18, 2019

In the last episode, we explored the correlation between finding your passion path, finding your soulmate, and surrendering, and how our natural inclination to be in control can cause us to stray from the passion path.


Honing our awareness of this, as well as our awareness of our core values, is all a necessary part of the process.


Today, we will dissect a pivotal question that can both cause friction and propel you further into a life of fulfillment – a question that we live every day, especially at work.


And after you are done listening to this episode, I encourage you to block off some time to delve more deeply into what your soul-level values are because you have to have clarity on that before you can engage with any other part of this process. Take a few moments to examine the gap between your deepest values and your day-to-day actions, particularly where and how you work.

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