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Manage to Engage

Sep 27, 2018

When were you taught how to be a good boss and manager? I know that didn't come up for me in public school, or even secondary education.


Instead, we were conditioned and trained to be individual contributors, often rewarded for the poor project management habits that we developed in the process. Nothing was more...

Sep 24, 2018

We’re all resisting something – and a lot of us are resisting help.


A good manager will help you change for the better; your sherpa on the road to excellence. So when we resist management by throwing up our authority projections and shame issues, we aren’t sticking it to the man. We’re really sticking it to...

Sep 20, 2018

Do you think of excellence as a noun, something that can be pursued and earned through enough effort, or as a verb, something you practice and strive for every day? I’d argue it’s the latter; an orientation to life rather than an achievement.


But our society isn’t conditioned to practice excellence – we’re...

Sep 17, 2018

We’ve spent the last few weeks learning the ins and outs of managing others. And now that we have that context for what exactly good management looks like, we can start the process of setting aside our shame issues and authority projections so that we can also be managed effectively.


Although cooperating may not...

Sep 13, 2018

Over the past few episodes, we’ve gone through the process of examining what’s “normal” in our lives. For many of us, normal is chronic overwhelm, emotional conflict, or physical discomfort.


And the only reason we accept that reality, a normal we don’t even like, is that we’re even more terrified of change...