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Manage to Engage

Apr 22, 2019

In the last episode, we defined the difference between a mission and an adventure.


A mission is like in a heist film: there’s an objective, a plan, and coordinated execution of the plan – and if the plan is not executed appropriately, the objective can not be completed.


On an adventure, on the other hand, you have a sense of your objective, but you do not need to execute on a meticulously crafted plan to accomplish that goal; you either purposely don’t make a plan or you surrender to the adventure not being plannable.


So, when I approached fixing my lawn mower with a mission perspective, I had certain expectations about how things would go. When those expectations weren’t met, there was suddenly a problem – but I created the expectations that birthed the problem that, then, caused my suffering... so I created my own suffering!


And we all do this. We all crave control and create expectations, then we get upset when they’re not met – but, the vast majority of the time, things don’t go the way we plan! Yet, we keep approaching tasks with a mission mentality, and we keep suffering as a result.


So, today, let’s try contextualizing life as an adventure.

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