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Manage to Engage

Jul 15, 2019

Last week, we established that finding your Passion Path is a journey, not a mission. There is no singular end goal that you’re ultimately working towards.


And like any good journey, we can’t control everything that happens. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from trying. We’ve discussed this common delusion...

Jul 11, 2019

If you didn’t have to work and you weren’t being paid, what would you do that creates value in the world?


That’s the question I asked at the end of the last episode, and it is the question that will help you find your Passion Path, or the day-to-day expression of your values, whereby you serve yourself as you...

Jul 8, 2019

We start today’s episode with some reflections on the previous series about Desirable Difficulty. So, if you haven’t already listened to episodes 218 to 221, I recommend going back and listening to them first. It’ll be relevant later in this series as well.


We then segue into our topic for the next four...

Jul 4, 2019

Life isn’t about comfort. It’s easy to be tricked into thinking that, with all the ways humans have designed a world catering to comfort, but life doesn’t seem to agree.


Because life, again and again, comes back to bite us in the butt when we attempt to pursue lives that embody happiness and comfort.


On the...

Jul 1, 2019

On the surface, a lot of us fear that we’re inadequate, not good enough, or powerless – but that’s just on a superficial level.


Underneath that, in the core of our beings, we are afraid of being powerful; we are making excuses to avoid the responsibility and expectations that come with our true potential.